One of the biggest decisions that you will make during wedding planning is your wedding theme. Your theme will tie together so many pieces of your event—from venue, decor, apparel to invitations. This may have been something that you have had in mind since you were a child; or like me, had to decide at the beginning of the planning process.

If you just started the planning process, here are some helpful links:

A great way to start narrowing down your wedding theme is to see examples and decide what you like or don't like about each option. We have compiled a list of some of the most popular wedding themes that we see coming through our office.

The Top 10 Wedding Invitation Themes are:

1. Black and White Wedding

Unlike ruffles and sequins, black and white is a wedding theme that has lasted the test of time. This theme can be incorporated in the most intimate of occasions—up to a 5-star, guest-filled celebration.

Black and White Wedding Invitations

2. Beach Wedding

Traditional ceremonies are becoming less popular as more couples are opting to choose a location that speaks to them. A very popular option has been beach weddings (both local as well as destination weddings).

Plastic programs have been extremely popular for beach weddings as they are durable enough to stand up to the weather, but also make great sun shades and fans depending on the weather.

Beach Wedding Invites

3. Vineyard Wedding

Another popular venue location has been winery and vineyard weddings. My own wedding was actually at a local vineyard.

A great benefit of plastic wedding pieces for locations like these is the fact that you can even spill a glass of wine on it and the pieces won't get hurt. For this reason, drink tickets, coasters and menus have been very popular pieces among our clients.

Vineyard Wedding

4. Rustic Wedding

A very popular option for intimate occasions is a rustic location such a wedding in a garden, woods and even barns. This theme is extremely popular for couples that love the outdoors.

 Rustic Wedding Invitations

5. Library Wedding

A perfect way to pay homage to your mutual love of literature is a library-themed wedding.  Whether you have your ceremony in an actual library or use your wedding stationary and decor to highlight your theme, a library-themed wedding is perfect for bookworm couples.

 Library Themed Wedding

6. Floral Wedding

Even before your guests arrive, you can incorporate your wedding flowers into your wedding invitations and save the date cards. This helps guests know the colors and theme of your wedding and helps them plan accordingly.

 Floral Wedding Design

7. Glitter Wedding

The ring isn't the only bling that couples like.  Sparkles and glitter have been very popular among our clients with their wedding invitation design.

 Glitter Wedding Invitations

8. Lace Wedding

Another wedding theme element that remains popular through the years is lace. Lace can be incorporated in everything from apparel, bouquets, decor and even your wedding invitation design.

 Lace Wedding Invitations

9. Destination Wedding

Destination weddings are extremely popular, but they also require a more unique way of planning. As your guests will need to plan for transportation and accomodations.  A very popular piece for destination wedding invitations is a custom luggage tag for your guests to attach to their bags for easy identification in the airport.

 Destination Weddings

10. Ombre Wedding Theme

A newer trend to design themes is the use of ombre in designs. Ombre, or colors that fade into one another, is a fun way to incorporate multiple wedding colors from your color palette. 

 Ombre Card Designs

Once you have your wedding theme selected, it will help you with the rest of your planning. You can narrow your choices down by how they fit with your theme.

For more wedding invitation theme ideas, check out our Pinterest boards here.

Let one of our dedicated invitation consultants help you put together a one-of-a-kind personalized wedding invitation design.

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