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One amazing part of the planning, is having the opportunity to have your best girls standing right next to you during the big day and throughout the whole planning process. However, I did not expect this to be a difficult decision. When talking with my fiancé at the time, we knew we did not want a huge wedding party, but it was SUPER hard to have a small one since both of us have larger families. With having two sisters, and two sister-in-laws, it did not leave much wiggle room for friends as bridesmaids and personal attendants.

Ultimately, I had the best bridal party EVER and here are a few tips I would suggest when picking your bridal party.

Think Twice Before asking 

Ask yourself this question.. “Will I be great friends with them in a few years still?” Also, who are the friends in your life that will want to do all the planning with you and enjoy it? Set your expectations realistically. Do you want each of them to help with every detail of the planning? If so, consider that when asking each friend or family member. Also, make sure they know your expectations

Include family.

Even if you may not be close with your siblings or your soon to be sister-in-law, family is forever. If your family is too large to have them all as a bridesmaid or groomsman, make them another part of the big day (example: usher or reader).

Kids are not required.

Do not feel obligated to have a ring bearer or flower girl. Also, feel free to have as many as you would like. I had two nephews and two nieces. There was no way I was going to choose between the two of them. I ended up having two ring bearers and two flower girls. It ended up being perfect!!



Have any additional tips or suggestions, I would love to hear!! Please comment below.

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