Welcome back to Wedding Wednesday! I am particularly excited for this week’s post, since I get the privilege of looking down at it every single day now!!!! This week it is all about the RING (see a picture of my engagement ring below!)

Myring2.jpgMYring.png MYring1.jpg

Since he popped the question, I've been binge-watching Say Yes to the Dress, piling up bridal magazines and searching everything wedding related on Pinterest. But there's nothing I love more than showing friends my engagement ring. Every time I do, someone inevidibly asks:

When it came to your ring... did your significant other get your input or were you completely surprised?!

Curious if the majority of women were involved in picking out their rings, I asked eight Plastic Printers wedding invitation clients about the story behind their engagements.

"I was surprised..."

Kayla B - I was not involved in picking out my ring. I sent my fiance a few pictures of what I liked and he took it from there. I liked what he picked out 10 times mIMG_0840.jpgore than what I sent him. He did amazing! I liked being surprised and so did he. I love that he takes so much pride in my ring knowing he picked the perfect one.

Mandy M. - We had talked about getting married, but I wasn't expecting it to happen. He always told me, "It's not going to happen until we hit the three-year mark of dating." I had no part in picking a ring out. I was very surprised! It happened down in Florida for a vacation to the Caribbean when we were getting on a cruise ship the next day. It happened on the beach near a pier in Cocoa Beach. Our vacation was very memorable! I will never forget that trip!!!!

"I left subtle hints..."

Emily S. - We went to look at rings once. I gave him a couple ideas about what I was looking for and the ring he picked out was ultimately was his decision. Which I love! I was totally shocked with the engagement because it was just some random night after work and I wasn't expecting anything to happen. It was a memorable night!

IMG_0862.jpgAshley W. - I left hints of what I liked. I showed him pictures but I didn't expect it was coming at all. He did a perfect job picking it out. I love it!

Amber R. - I told my fiance the style that I wanted, but he picked the store and was able to design it himself. I was very happy with his selection!

"I told him 'That's what I want...'"

IMG_0842.jpgHeather E. - "I was sort of surprised! A year or two before we got engaged, I showed my fiance, Garrison, a picture from a magazine what I liked. He kept that photo in his wallet the whole time!!! I was happy to be surprised because he picked it out himself—it made me happy that he did it on his own!"

Cassie H. - "I helped pick it out! We went to a few stores and we had the salesman write down a few favorites on the back of their business cards. Then he took it from there!"

Stephanie O. - "I was a part of picking it out and went to the store with my fiance. I had no idea what I wanted and needed to try the rings on to know for sure."

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